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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Public School & Private School: What's the difference?

So, I've noticed some people get confused between Public Schools and Private Schools. Well, I'm here to explain! Most of you people will think that public schools will be the government provided education! Actually both types of schools are fee-paying schools and what's more, 'public schools' are more exclusive than 'private schools'. Examples of public schools are schools on the Eton Group. The link was posted on the first post. I realise how confusing this may be so I will try to explain in 2 sections.
Public Schools
These schools have very long history and they have been founded centuries ago. These schools can be very expensive and are regarded as very prestigious. Some schools may be very difficult to gain admission due to strong competition. An example is Tonbridge School as pictured above. When you think about famous British Schools, you will probably be thinking about Public schools. These schools traditionally have a charitable status, this means schools do not have to pay taxes on fees. They gained the name 'public' because they provided education 'to the public' centuries ago but has now changed. They still provide scholarships and bursaries in order to retain the charitable status.
Private Schools
These schools won't be as well known as public schools. However they still have excellent facilities and good academic standards. An example would be St. Lawrence College School. These schools are relatively easy to get into and do not (normally) require CEE (Common Entrance Exams). Some private schools have charitable statuses. Essentially it is quite similar to public schools but sometimes lacks the history and fame and the continuous result of academic excellence.
So, here it is! two types of fee-paying schools, but with a difference. Please do ask any questions you may have and leave a comment!

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