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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Work Experience: The Breakdown

At school, I was told I needed to do a week of Work Experience (WE) straight after I completed my all important GCSE exams. So around May I set about getting the WE.
I was too complacent and I left it a little too late so I didn't have that much of an option. I also asked my school to find one for me as well but they weren't too successful either. Well, they DID find something absolutely fantastic but it was the WRONG date! Just my luck...
I was interested in anything to do with business or professional so, I set about e-mailing many local Law firms, estate agents, advertisers, PR firms and so on. As I had left it a little late, many turned my down. I kept trying and success finally came with Century 21! If you do not know, Century 21 is an estate Agency franchise with over 8,400 offices in 57 countries worldwide with over 147,000 sales professionals. It is fairly new in the UK with 57 offices.
I had to be in the office at 9.30am and I could go around 4.30pm. At first, it was the usual filing and making tea and coffee but by the end of it, I learnt a great amount of the industry. I became familiarised with the whole process and how commission works and so on. Although I doubt if my future lies in real estate but the week has allowed be to learn alot about working in a new environment.
This just goes to show, it doesn't matter what you choose to do but the whole experience is beneficial in every way.
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