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Monday, 16 February 2009

First post: about this blog

I'm starting a blog because I genuinely want to share my experiences and knowledge about education in the UK. I know lots of people are interested because many people ask me all sorts of questions when I go abroad or from people who don't really understand. Many world famous schools are located in the UK, Eton College is a fine example as pictured above.

So, you're probably wondering how I know so much about this topic. Well I personally have first-hand experience of such schools. I won't be telling you which school I've gone to because I feel that I want you to read my posts knowing that I do not favour one school or another also to secure my privacy. My school is famous and academically very strong, it can be found on the 'Eton Group'. I know how to get into these schools and what to expect from them as well. I will be posting on the life at the schools and what makes each and every other school so unique.

Those of you who are very new to the UK education system; I will also be explaining the basics. More recently top UK schools have seen more and more students from overseas and I would like to help those who are overseas considering coming here for your studies.

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